ir·ra·tio·nal: lacking usual or normal mental clarity or coherence

by Debra Kozikowski


There are certain events in history about which people who have lived through them have precise recall. They remember exactly how they felt, where they were and what they were doing when it happened.  For me, the day President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated was the first such moment of my lifetime … I was 9 years old.

Yesterday, a Harvard educated White House Military Office official made a decision that did much worse than remind New Yorkers where they were and what happened to their friends and neighbors on September 11, 2001. Wall Street workers were terrorized and terrified when an Air Force One backup plane followed by a military jet fighter swooped over New York City for a film shoot. Director of the White House Military Office, Louis Caldera has said he takes responsibility for “any distress” it may have caused.

 Not good enough, Mr. Caldera.  

 In an interview about the incident with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell this afternoon, US Representative Nita Lowey, a Democrat from New York, said, “Whoever made the decision should be put in the corner.”  I’ll go one step further and say that whoever approved yesterday’s spectacle over New York City indicated an inabilty to be trusted to make rational decisons in future and should be asked to resign.  Now.

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  2. And the walls came tumbling down. Of course people got scared.

  3. I’m able to seize a book from our neighborhood library but I feel I learned more from this article.

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