Congress Wants to Hear from YOU

By Matt L. Barron



The House Agriculture Committee wants to hear from We, the People on how carbon reduction affects the agriculture and forestry sectors and how a cap and trade program should be structured.  The committee is seeking comments on proposals to address global climate change through a print and web-based questionnaire.  The questionnaire is meant to ensure that as many viewpoints as possible are represented on how to incorporate the work America’s farmers, ranchers, and conservationists are doing on climate change initiatives, and identify potential benefits for the future. 

It’s a beautiful thing when government invites us all to be part of the decision making process and we encourage you to speak out and be heard.  To access the questionnaire, go to

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  1. I looked over the questionaire and it seems  extensive but I decided to answer the questions I feel I have some knowledge and opinion about. Thank you for keeping us informed.

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