Great Idea

By Tracy Russo

Why yes, John McCain. That’s a fantastic idea.

Get on stage with a young, brilliant, charismatic, eloquent debater who has shown he can hold his own, and rock the stage on more than one occasion. Engage in a debate with someone who was right on the very issue you have based your candidacy on – Iraq – the very issue that 70% of the American people disagree with you on.

Then do it over and over again.

You must have some really smart cookies managing your campaign.

I don’t know how the Obama campaign will be able to stand up to the brilliance.

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5 Responses to “Great Idea”

  1. There’s something about the way that McCain responds to Obama too that is unbelievably unappealing.  I think Obama gets under his skin and causes him to lose his cool.  The result is that in interactions with Obama, McCain comes across as very unpresidential and distinctly petty and mean.

  2. McCain has shown himself to be an old fashioned racialist. The kind of guy who hates Dr. King (voted against the holiday and said some indefinsible stuff) & sometimes hangs out with known white supremacists. Make no mistake, he hates Senator Obama. Part of the hatred comes from being a 72 year old who never thought he’d see the day when colored folks would have come so far. Obama is an insult to him so he will always overreach, he will always fail to suppress the indignity at having to face all that black male excellence. It’s beneath him. It’s confusing.

  3. Kay,
    I could be wrong (after all, who knows what thoughts are truly in another’s brain), but I don’t feel that McCain’s disdain for Obama comes from race.  I think it’s the youth, the relative inexperience (in McCain’s thoughts).  I think  he thinks he is an upstart who has no business being in the race, and he’s exacerbated by the fact that he doesn’t quite know how to handle him.
    But make no mistake about it, that contempt that McCain has is going to cause him trouble.  He’s going to have rhetorical rings run around him, and he’s going to come off as a grumpy old man who has no command of history, policy or reality.

  4. You have to wonder if McCain has fallen into the same trap that Clinton did (but with absolutely no excuse for having done so), namely underestimating Obama and just dismissing him as ‘big speeches’ and nothing else…
    Surely that can be the only explanation for them putting this idea forward! After all, Obama seems to have really enjoyed the town halls he’s done in the last few months – and as for his debate performances, I think we have to remember that he was against a fellow Democrat, I’m sure he’ll be more forceful now it’s the GE stage of all this…

  5. Steve Benen suggests that we might be a bit too hasty in celebrating this idea:

    I’d add that, if McCain can keep up with the schedule, it might help dispel the idea that he’s too old for the rigors of office.

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