Susan Collins And The Enron Loophole

By Sean Reagan

Republican Susan Collins leads Tom Allen in the race to retain her Maine Senate seat. But people are starting to take notice of her vote against the Farm Bill. Yesterday, the Bangor News said that the bill – which Sen. Snowe and Reps. Michaud and Allen supported – included a provision that closed the so-called Enron loophole.

In 2000, the infamous energy trading company Enron sought and won exemption from federal oversight for energy commodity trading. Federal regulatory bodies, in their monitoring and intervention, prevent the price of commodities from being artificially inflated beyond real market dynamics. The loophole allowed excessive speculation and energy price manipulation, according to advocates for regulation.

Good call voting to leave that one open, huh?

Maybe it’s me, but if I were fighting for my Senate seat I wouldn’t want my name and Enron showing up in the same few paragraphs.  Especially in the state’s largest newspaper.

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6 Responses to “Susan Collins And The Enron Loophole”

  1. I don’t know how ME compares to RI, but the voters there sure fired Chaffee for probably less reason that this.  I know Collins has very high approval ratings but if Whitehouse could do it in ’06, I don’t see why Allen couldn’t do it this cycle.  This is still a way from being a likely pick up but it should be a good one to watch.  Probably similar to OR.

    I like your work!

  2. Thanks, Tara – I appreciate the feedback.  The Chaffee angle is right on point – thanks for raising it.

    Allen gained some ground in this last poll, and just today introduced a plan for universal health care.  Plus Obama holds a good edge on McCain, so if he has any coattails Allen should pick up some points there.

    It’s absolutely one of the Senate races we’re watching here – I think it’s going to get tighter before it ends.




  3. “It’s absolutely one of the Senate races we’re watching here.”

    You’re going to be very busy watching ALL these races.  There aren’t very many senate seats that don’t have the potential for a pickup.  When people are thinking there is a chance in TX and MS, you know it’s going to be a good year.  I’m interested to see how NE develops.  Is there any hope in ID?  (I know, crazy talk.)

  4. Any change yet from the Rasmussen 10% spread? Send light, everyone…

  5. Wow! I lived in Maine years ago (was a reporter at the time and actually interviewed Collins when she was paving the way for a future Senate run) and my mom still lives there. From everything I’ve heard from her it seemed like Collins was pretty secure in her seat. Fascinating and encouraging for the nation to hear  that so many seats are looking to be up for grabs!

    Thanks for sharing this information!

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