Drink Up: Rural Water Gets Boost in House

by Matt L. Barron

Rural communities could be getting a larger share of funds for water and wastewater systems thanks to the efforts of two freshmen Democrats. Under an amendment by Rep. Betsy Markey of (CO-4) and Frank Kratovil (MD-1), states would be required to set aside 15 percent, rather than 10 percent of their Clean Water State Revolving Funds (SRFs) for small towns of 10,000 population and less.

The amendment, which was passed by voice vote, was attached to the Water Quality Investment Act of 2009, which authorizes $18.7 billion over five years for water infrastructure and other efforts to improve water quality. The bill passed the House 317-101 with 73 Republicans voting yes on Thursday.

Rep. Kratovil, who represents Maryland’s Eastern Shore, said, “Congress needs to do more to ensure that rural communities receive an equal share of the funds needed to protect our environment, reduce pollution, and provide clean water.  By increasing the percentage of funds set aside for rural communities we are taking a giant step forward  in the repair of aging infrastructure, improvement of failing septic systems, and  prevention of  nutrients entering the Chesapeake Bay.” 

click here for link to PDF table detailing state-by-state allocations           

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