How Was It For You?

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

Was it as good for you as it was for me?

I’m lucky.  People pay me to write about this stuff, so I got to spend the whole day watching the inauguration on TV.

How much did you get to see?

Did the event live up to your expectations?  Did President Obama? (I love writing that.)

Do you think what he said will make a difference in how people think? In how they behave toward one another?

Do you think the people you know will have patience while he works on the problems 43 left behind, or will they expect things to get better right away?

The comment space below is yours. Lets talk.

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2 Responses to “How Was It For You?”

  1. The snake through the orange section line was a joy filled stroll.

    Chanting, shouting “Obama” came from two miles away forward — you could hear the wave of voices from the Lincoln Memorial as it rolled in closer and closer to the shores of the Capitol steps every few minutes — a comforting sound in between lots of music.

    I was in a seat — a luxury I felt guilty and relieved about all at once, huddled in bewteen old friends and new friends and I really mean new — the contact info flew between people as we talked and waited and cheered and hugged each other like family. I wondered where the church ladies from home, who rented four busses to be somewhere on that mall behind me, ended up. It was so cold, I only hoped they really had practiced how to stay warm after watching The March of the Pengiuns movie I recommended in jest a few weeks earlier.

    The jumbotrons gave us closeups of what we could see up in front of us as close as a rock concert in a big stadium if we were sitting in the nosebleed section — given the size of this crowd that meant we had pretty good seats!

    Senior Bush resembled a penguin b/c of his recent back problem, Dick Cheney in a wheel chair, Walter Mondale and his wife spry and ageless, Jimmy Carter shook hands with Barbara Bush and walked right by Bill Clinton … those two little Obama girls stealing every heart in the country … young Mrs. Obama, our First Lady, glittered.  And then there was Aretha’s hat! 

    Our time is what our best hope for real American progress said all during this campaign, this amazing political journey that brought us here.  And there we were … more hugging, some tears — wide bright smiles everywhere.  A great speech, and a clever and inspiring closer in the Reverend Lowery.

    Thousands including me couldn’t go anywhere but with the flow on our way out, sent in droves to what was for many of us the wrong way from where we wanted to go … one woman tried to backtrack and a police officer yelled, “Hey lady in the red hat … please turn around, m’am.”

    So we listened — a long walk was better than the prospect of being trampled on by accident.  There was singing and waving goodbye to GW as the helicoptor flew over one woman started and we all sang — “nanananana nanananana hey hey hey good bye.” Some news folks have said we were disrespectful. Maybe we were but after so much pain in the last eight years inflicted on us, we were simply talking back. No, make that taking back as in finally taking back our nation.

    18 blocks away from where we really wanted to be — the Wrong Way Corrigans of 2009 made our way back home by crossing the lawn at the Washington Memorial.  It wasn’t so bad.  We witnessed history.  Made new friends — extended our family ties.  A good day.

  2. i spent the day intermittently watching the inauguration, crying, calling friends, and cheering when the heliocopter took off… i think its fine to be disrespectful to anyone who’s been such a national disgrace.  the best part of the day for me was feeling proud to be an american again.  FINALLY. 

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