North Carolina is Fighting a Pattern of Corruption in the State

Talk to any North Carolina voter about the election fraud and political corruption in the state and they are likely to tell you one of two things, “We’re better than this,” or “I don’t care.”

Not surprisingly the prevailing emotion seems to be embarrassment for the state. North Carolina is a vibrant and beautiful place to live, work and go to school, and it’s a destination for recreation, relaxation and conducting business. Tar Heel State voters know corrupt politics is a dangerous trend that is impeding the state’s potential.

The “I don’t care,” group is a little more complex. Most maintain their blind and unrelenting disregard for the truth in the face of the facts. Fortunately there are few others who claim this position of indifference that know they are backing some politicians caught up in shadiest politics ever uncovered in the United States. The latter group is haunted by the truth, and an increasing lack of confidence in the people they have supported.

The alleged theft and tampering with absentee ballots that transpired in the 2018 election in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District illustrates how far dark forces will conspire to steal an election.

The indictment earlier this year of the chairman of the North Carolina state GOP and others close to him on bribery charges further stunned the state. The alleged corruption in the state Republican ranks was beginning to look more widespread than some of us had imagined.

More recently the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled the congressional district maps drawn by the GOP-led state legislature are unconstitutional and must be corrected before the next federal election. It amounted to a scheme to unfairly keep North Carolina voters from having fair and legal representation in Congress, the court ruled just weeks ago.

These three examples of law breaking and impropriety demonstrate how far corruption has seeped into a significant part of North Carolina politics, and why so many people in the state are ready to fix the problem. It’s not too much to ask that we have clean and fair elections, free of malice from sinister political enterprises at home and hostile governments abroad.

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