The Government’s Assault on Rural America Must End!

 For the past two and half years Rural America has been under assault by a government that shows little respect for how hard its people work to make a decent living.

As the Business Record of Des Moines reported this month, “Overall the rural economy is in the dumps.” Rural Americans worry more than their urban or suburban counterparts about day-to-day finances and access to heathcare, separate polls reveal. It’s a dangerous mix of circumstances, given how statistics demonstrate rural America is more prone to suicide.

The list of violations is appalling and unfortunately is expanding with each passing month. Beginning with how rural workers were all but forgotten in what Trump believes is his crowning achievement, the billionaires and corporate tax cut, rural Americans have been left behind during a time when Wall Street investors are adding to their fat cat lifestyles with an unprecedented expansion of wealth.The siege continued with cuts in programs that fund rural healthcare and hospitals, and a despicable GOP infrastructure plan that would have forced rural communities and states to either raise taxes and tolls or be left behind while wealthy suburbs and resourceful big cities sucked up limited federal matching funds.

Even after the late John McCain joined Democrats in saving the Affordable Care Act, the Trump administration has found ways to manipulate the program so businesses pay less into healthcare plans while workers and individuals pay more up front and with ever-increasing deductibles.

Now rural Americans find themselves battered by the most egregious insults and offenses of all: first, a trade war so poorly planned that it left exposed farmers and small town workers. Rural Americans were easy targets for retaliation for Trump’s random tariffs (which in the end are really just taxes paid by American consumers).

More recently, a refusal by Trump and the Senate GOP to get behind a bipartisan disaster relief bill that is essential for the Midwestern and Plains States devastated by floods and tornadoes. Why is the Breadbasket of America being held hostage? Because Trump and the Senate GOP want to use the disaster bill to fund Trump’s border wall and withhold aid for American citizens in Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico is a predominantly rural American territory. It is not a foreign country, it is America, and we take care of our own in America). It’s absurd that the Midwestern and Plains states are being used as political pawns.

What makes all of the degradation so absolutely insane is many of those rural Americans suffering under the administration’s failed headline- and Twitter-driven agenda make up the Trump voter base. They take us for granted as if we are supposed to just sit by and accept the blatant disregard for our way of life.

The patsies say it’s our patriotic duty to take it and keep our complaints  to ourselves. We say it’s patriotic to tell our government when enough is enough. Enough is enough!

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