Trump Threatens Another Shutdown for Wall Most Americans Oppose

We are finally in the midst of at least a temporary break from the costly Trump Shutdown, but all indications are that many of Trump’s enablers in the Senate are giving him the green light to shut down the government again on Feb. 15.

The majority of Americans oppose the Trump shutdown tactic, are against the wall and blame Trump for the shutdown, a wave of polls have shown according to Bustle.

With the Trump agenda crumbling on multiple fronts, Senate Republicans like Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are telling Trump the government shutdown may be the only way to hold his fracturing base together. For some inexplicable reason, Graham and Trump’s right hand man Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are ignoring the increasing number of Trump backers who called on Trump to re-open the government, as well as the ballooning majority of Americans opposed to a border wall.

The record-setting 35-day Trump Shutdown drained $11 billion from the U.S. economy, at least $3 billion of which won’t be recovered, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

Should the Republicans decide that another Trump Shutdown would be a politically fatal move, Plan B for the Republicans is to urge Trump to declare a national emergency to build his unpopular border wall. An emergency declaration would surely lead to a showdown in the courts.

Like the shutdown and border wall, an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose Trump declaring a national emergency to get his politically motivated border wall – and that’s easy to explain: most Americans know it’s not a national emergency. The White House and its allies have yet to even come up with an answer to the most basic question: How come Trump didn’t declare an emergency a month ago, or anytime the previous two years, when Republicans controlled the House and Senate?

Democrats, meanwhile, remain steadfastly opposed to a “medieval solution” to border security like a wall that easily can be tunneled under or scaled over with a basic ladder. Electronic surveillance tools like drones, cameras and motion detectors, along the thousands of new border security and immigration agents Trump promised but has failed to hire, are the among the Democrats preferred remedies to border security.

While another Trump Shutdown seems like a crazy idea, anything is possible with Trump. So we have to bet even money that Trump stops paying those 800,000 workers again, while furloughing most of them and forcing thousands of others to work without pay.

In the meantime, we’ve been gathering a list of how the shutdown affects the rest of us in Rural and Small Town America.

  • For starters, Rural Western States that backed Trump take the biggest hit from a Trump Shutdown (contrary to Trump’s argument that it only hurt the Washington, DC area), as this chart from media outlet Axios demonstrates.
  • The Trump Shutdown had such a destructive impact on Family Farmers that the Agriculture Department had to temporarily open its unfunded offices to try to offset the fallout. Even after the emergency measure not all of USDA’s services were available, the Rural Blog reported. It’s important to keep in mind most Rural Farms are not corporate, factory farming operations. Family Farmers cannot sustain themselves without USDA services.
  • The Trump Shutdown had a chilling result for national security, from FBI counter-terrorism efforts to the U.S. Coast Guard to (ironically) Border Patrol, the Rand Corporation detailed in a lengthy list.
  • Food inspections were also eliminated during the Trump Shutdown, until the Food and Drug Administration finally convinced the White House that Americans were at risk without checks on some perishables, Fox News reported.
  • There are plenty examples of the indirect consequences the shutdown had on the Rural Economy. Rural and small-town public transit systems were forced to cutback their services “The trauma for crucial transportation lifelines in rural or small-town America, including in states President Donald Trump won in 2016, underscores the damage the 34-day shutdown is inflicting hundreds or thousands of miles from Washington, D.C.,” Politico reported, according to the Rural Blog. “While the loss of federal dollars is hitting transit systems large and small, including those inside the Beltway, the most vulnerable agencies are those that don’t get significant state support. And their riders are primarily low-income seniors, people with disabilities and veterans.”

The Lexington (KY) Herald Leader sums up the cruel and unnecessary treatment a Trump Shutdown inflicts on Rural Americans and the Rural Economy: “In places such as Appalachia that are dominated by small and rural towns, a shutdown is potentially devastating. Federal and related agencies are an important source of liquidity so the shutdown means a lack of finance flowing in our region. This coupled with years of disinvestment adds instability to families and communities that are already struggling.”

Pitting an outdated wall to appease a minority of Americans who happen to be Trump supporters against our economic security and national security is a dangerous and selfish political game that needs to be halted.

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