Rural Americans Aren’t Fools; We See the Pattern of Deception

They must think we’re fools.

The Republicans are embracing a pattern of deception that is making their followers among us in Rural America look like idiots. It’s not a new fraud, either. This scam has been going on for at least two years.

The sham started with promises of policies that could have been a big boost to Rural Americans, like reducing the federal deficit and providing the middle class with meaningful tax cuts. Instead, Trump and the Republicans gave their fat cat billionaire buddies and corporations a $1.5 trillion tax cut that added nearly $1 trillion to the deficit virtually overnight. As for the promised middle class tax cuts? Well, they never happened. The GOP lit one match and burned Rural Americans twice.

Then there was the Trump pledge to lower the costs of prescription drugs and a boast that a trade war with China would be easy to win. Now that the election is over at least one drug company is planning to raise the cost of dozens of prescription drugs. Trump either knew those prices would climb, or else he got played like a sucker. As for his trade war, our 401(k)s and IRAs are taking a hit because Wall Street is nervous, while Family Farmers and commercial fishermen have discovered they’ve lost access to the lucrative Chinese market.

Do we even have to bring up “The Wall” that Mexico was never going to pay for?

Now we find the deception has moved to voter suppression and recounts. Every time they close voting places or impose voter ID laws it makes it harder for all Rural Voters to cast a ballot, not just the minorities they are hoping to keep from the polls. Georgia, North Dakota and Mississippi are just the latest examples of Rural States where GOP-led voter suppression efforts were exposed.

Everyone wants clean and fair elections, or at least they should. Yet when Russia intervenes in an election, the Republicans look the other way. The slogan “America First” seems to take a back seat to Russia First when it comes to Trump and his minions in Congress.

They must think we’re fools.

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