United States of America Can Reject Trump’s Divided States of America

No country’s name says more about itself than ours, the United States of America. It tells our story. We are many people united under one flag, raised to believe all people are created equal and entitled to a safe and prosperous quality of life.

For the majority of us, we believe we are all in this together. We are taught to reject forces of darkness that seek to divide us for the gain of relative few. Most of us are inspired by a tradition of seeking a future that will be kind to the next generation of Americans.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s immortal words are as true today as they were when he spoke them in his First Inaugural Address: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

For the current White House occupant, the message is quite the opposite. Trump wants us to be very afraid, as if he expects Americans to run for the hills. What is he thinking? Americans don’t run, and the scare tactics won’t fool us.

Among Trump’s arsenal of fear-mongering attack points are a fake invasion from unarmed refugees who Trump suggests can throw a rock like a Major League Baseball pitcher; his coded but poorly hidden hate speech some people blame for contributing to recent acts of domestic terrorism; and a racist video ad even a handful of Republicans have rejected as over the top.

House and Senate Republicans have overwhelmingly embraced Trump’s ugly campaign rhetoric and style. Moreover, the two Republican leaders who long ago could have taken steps to contain Trump’s divisive demagoguery and lies have just stood by and let it build to this boiling point. House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is doing the smart thing and quitting Congress before he has to take the heat for how all this plays out. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, however, plans to stick around and continue to carry Trump’s water around Washington.

What appears to be emerging in America is a different story, however. Some mainstream Republicans and independents are moving away from Trump as a result of his dark message aimed at energizing the extreme elements of the GOP base voters. Increasingly, many Rural Americans find his words do not reflect the values of our communities.

“What we’ve seen with moderate Republicans and independents is an increasing frustration with the president of the United States, pitting Americans against Americans — trying to divide us instead of uniting us,’’ House candidate Harley Rouda told Politico.

Hate and fear? Is that really all then best they have to go with as their final pitch to keep themselves swimming in the shallow end of the Washington swamp? Strong family-, community- and faith-oriented Rural Americans have a choice to make on Election Day. Lets not get fooled again. Choose wisely.

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