New Leadership in Congress Will Revive Jobs-Creating Plan for Rebuilding America’s Rural Roads, Bridges, Highways and Broadband

A new balance of power in Washington will be the best chance to resuscitate the government’s agenda for rebuilding and repairing aging, obsolete and in some cases dangerous Rural Roads, Highways and Waterways.

A Democratic majority in at least one chamber of Congress will also try to rescue the struggling strategy for bringing high speed broadband to Rural America.

Republicans failed to keep their promise of passing an infrastructure plan early in Trump’s first term after instead opting to give billionaires and corporations a $1.5 trillion tax boondoggle. The GOP scheme would have forced communities and states to raise local taxes to pay for the majority of an infrastructure program died a quick death after it became clear the Republicans were favoring wealthy communities over Rural Areas.

But just days before we go to the polls, Democrats divulged they are moving on plans for a safe, efficient and practical infrastructure plan that would provide good jobs at real wages and create incentives for luring manufacturing and tech jobs to Rural and Small Town America.

It’s welcome news since the tax breaks and Trump Trade War haven’t delivered on all those new factory openings that were promised to Rural and Small Town America. Nor have the Republicans kept a promise to wire up most of Rural America with the fiber optics and erect transmission towers necessary to level the playing field for Rural America, and accommodate tech companies and communications-heavy businesses.

Democrats are likely to lean heavily on a revenue-neutral strategy that won’t force states and local communities to raise taxes for America. Because of failure of congress to act, the U.S. will need to address $4.6 trillion in infrastructure needs in the next 10 years, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Not all politicians are spewing fear and hate in the closing days of the midterm election. At least one party is running on an agenda of progress.

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