Lawmakers Threaten to Take Away Middle Class Health Care Insurance, Putting Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions and Rural Hospitals at Risk

Not satisfied with imposing policies that raised the cost of health care for the middle class during the past two years, Republicans are now bent on taking insurance away from Americans with pre-existing health conditions, including children, seniors and veterans.

The Trump administration this month implemented rules that give insurance companies a wide berth to refuse to provide coverage for sick Americans, allowing them to discriminate against our families, friends and neighbors. That move by Trump comes after Republican House members and senators voted dozens of times since 2011 for legislation that would end coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Now we find that Republicans are so scared of their record of trying to take health care away from Middle Class Americans that about three dozen GOP lawmakers were caught lying about their votes that would have eliminated coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The Trump-McConnell-Ryan Troika have intentionally imposed policies successfully aimed at raising the cost of health insurance to try to flame opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

At least 4 million Americans have lost health care coverage since Trump and the Republicans gained control of the White House and Congress, according to one estimate. That trend emerged under Trump after about 20 million Americans were able during the previous administration to get health care coverage for the first time. That’s a stark difference.

It’s particularly distressing news for Rural Americans, who already have a hard enough time trying to find places to go to get treated. Dozens of rural hospitals have closed in recent years, with hundreds more at risk of shuttering their doors. Our families, friends and neighbors shouldn’t have to drive dozens of miles to get to an emergency room, or to visit hospitalized loved ones. It’s become a Rural Health hazard.

The only way for middle class Americans to protect their health care is to vote to ensure our farmers, families, friends, and neighbors have the quality of life they deserve. The Rural Economy depends on Americans to choose wisely.

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