Heartless Trump Sacrifices American Farmers in Unnecessary Trade War

A bad idea just doesn’t make for sound public policy; uniformed, chaotic government doesn’t make wise choices; and it is self-destructive for people to allow ignorant and intolerant politicians to lead.

For a moment try to forget about the tawdry sex scandals, suspected election subterfuge and signs of using the presidency of the United States as a money-making enterprise. Think about public policy for a moment. Search there for evidence of a cohesive strategy to keep the country moving forward on a path of meaningful growth and cultural significance.

Nada. Trump doesn’t have a plan. He just Tweets randomly without considering the consequences.

Now we find that Trump is willing to sacrifice Rural America’s Farmers and Ranchers in a poorly thought out trade fight with China. In doing so Trump has shown that there are no limits to how much he doesn’t know about America. Soybeans, pork, wine and corn-made Ethanol are the first casualties of Trump’s trade war with China. Expect there to be more.

Trump has revealed to his increasingly softening base that he doesn’t understand the needs of farmers. There was no secret plan that had farmers preparing for any disruption in the marketplace. It shows total disregard for the many farmers that operate season to season. In other words, Trump is oblivious to the fact that man Family Farmers and Ranchers don’t have years to see whether they make out OK in a trade war with China, the second largest economy on the planet.

Even Republican senators don’t like the risk involved in a trade war without a clear path forward, and a winning end game.

“I don’t know that there’s a real plan or strategy in place that gets the result that they want,” Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Thune (R-SD) told The Hill. “It seems to me there needs to be a lot of thought given to unintended consequences,” he added. “My impression is that hasn’t happened.”

Trump’s own words this week to his Cabinet made clear he is relinquishing the needs of Rural Americans, expecting Family Farmers and Ranchers to march blindly as their livelihoods are threatened:

“When we do a deal with China, which, probably, we will.  If we don’t, they’ll have to pay pretty high taxes to do business with our country.  That’s a possibility.  But if we do a deal with China, if during the course of a negotiation they want to hit the farmers because they think that hits me, I wouldn’t say that’s nice.  But I tell you, our farmers are great patriots.  These are great patriots.  They understand that they’re doing this for the country.  And we’ll make it up to them.  And in the end, they’re going to be much stronger than they are right now.

“Don’t forget, farmers have been trending downward over an eight-year period.  Their numbers have trended downward, in some cases significantly.

“So between NAFTA and China and all of the things we’re doing, we’re going to make them much better than they’ve ever been.  But during this period of time — Sonny Perdue is here.  You understand exactly what I’m saying.  There will be a little work to be done.  But the farmers will be better off than they ever were.  We’ll take a little while to get there, but it could be very quick, actually.  But I say, it’s not nice when they hit the farmers specifically because they think that hits me.

“So with that being said, we’re doing very well on trade and trade deals.  I think deals will be made.  I think we’re going to make deals with a lot of countries that have taken advantage of us.  And we will be reporting back to everybody, and we’ll start our Cabinet meeting.”

Joining Trump’s coalition of clueless, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told Rural America to to pipe down, claiming Farmers and Ranchers are “screaming and yelling” too much on trade, calling it “hardly a life-threatening activity, ” according to lifelong champion of the U.S. agricultural community, Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL).

“Well Mr. Secretary and Mr. President, you’re right about one thing: We are screaming and yelling. Yes, indeed! Because when prices fall below the cost of production, it threatens our jobs, our families and our way of life,” Bustos wrote in the Journal Standard.

Donald Trump is a leader without a vision. Trump has turned the health care system upside down, has been disrespectful of state rule, caused unnecessary problems for legal immigrants, and has unduly undercut essential institutions that protect the rule of law and guides the nation in the role of the world’s moral voice.

Trump has failed to keep a promise of passing a predominantly middle class tax bill, proposed an infrastructure bill that forces states and local to raise taxes and tolls to make up for lost federal dollars, and has gutted the diplomatic ranks at a time when diplomacy is more effective than threats of war. Now he’s ready to add to that list by stabbing our Farmers and Ranchers in the back

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