Can We Trust Saccone to Protect Our Social Security and Medicare?

Trust is the cornerstone of the compact voters make with the candidates they support. Voters expect their candidates to keep their word and fight for the issues and programs that they pledge to support.

In the special election for the 18th congressional district in Pennsylvania, Republican Rick Saccone claims he won’t cut our Social Security and Medicare, but tell that to the man he wants to work for in Washington, Paul Ryan. The House Speaker has bragged that Social Security, and Medicare are his next big target.

Like so many career politicians, Saccone promises to protect our benefits, but he clearly wants it both ways, admitting in a recent debate when it comes to Social Security and Medicare, “we have to do some reforms.”

“Reforms” is nothing but a loaded word for cuts. One prime example is how $250 billion gets gutted from our Medicare under “reforms” in the current Republican budget. And that’s just for starters. Republicans seem to think they can make up for their $1.5 trillion tax giveaway to mainly corporations and the wealthiest by short-changing us on Social Security and Medicare benefits. Saccone has sent a clear signal that he buys into a scheme to “reform” social security and Medicare.

We need leaders who we can trust to increase our Social Security checks and expand our Medicare coverage, not cause us pain by gutting those programs that we earned during our working years. We can’t trust “reforms” to protect our Social Security and Medicare nor can we trust Republicans who think they can fool us into believing otherwise.

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