The State of Rural America is Strong But Vulnerable

The State of Rural America is strong because of the people and local institutions that allow us to sustain our vital agrarian-based communities. The strength of Rural America can be found in our profound and productive ability to feed the world.

The State of Rural America is threatened, however, by the false promises from current leaders who seek to divide us through manipulation and by pitting neighbor against neighbor, for political gain. It’s an outrage.

On issue after issue, Rural Voters are offered only meaningless words, as opposed to actions that ensure our way of life is maintained and protected. There is a better deal for Rural Americans, but in order to achieve it, we must elect officials who we can trust to fight for our jobs and way of life.

  • The Rural Economy needs trade deals that protect our farming, ranching and fishing industries, and ensures the best prices are paid for American grown and harvested produce, meats, fish and dairy products. The current administration is pursuing a trade policy that will leave Rural Agriculture short-changed while filling the pockets of Wall Street and corporate executives.
  • Rural Infrastructure needs to be maintained to ensure our goods and services are delivered to market without interruption. The safety and well being of our families and neighbors should not depend on the mood of lawmakers. After delivering on tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, the current leadership now intends to put forward a plan that forces the Rural States to raise taxes and fees in order to repair and renovate our streets, roads, bridges, dams and buildings.
  • We require a healthcare strategy that guarantees and expands coverage for working- and middle-class Rural Americans and halts the epidemic of Rural Hospitals closing. Demonizing our health care coverage for partisan political gain hurts us all, particularly Rural Children and Rural Seniors. The current leadership’s intentional destruction of the American health care system must end.
  • Rural America needs and deserves the same dependable high-speed Internet and broadband connectivity that our fellow Americans in urban and suburban America receives. Instead, our leaders have adopted a policy that takes away net neutrality from Rural America, hurting our small businesses, entrepreneurs, consumers, and schools while favoring giant telecommunications corporations who intend to
  • We need a farm bill that levels the playing field for family farms and locally grown and harvested produce, meats, fish and dairy products. The current leadership must not be allowed to favor Factory Farms and Agribusiness over Family Farms.
  • Governments and business must work together to create incentives and programs that end the Rural Brain Drain. Our young people need to feel confident and secure that they can live in work in the communities they call home. We must encourage our young people to see and feel the world, whether it is through education, the military, individual adventure or some combination. We must ensure, however, that they have a reason to bring back their knowledge and experience to revitalize and grow our Local Communities while guaranteeing that they have a future in Rural America.
  • The same goes for Rural Women and our at-risk neighbors who can contribute mightily to our Rural Communities. There must be private-public partnerships that provide economic empowerment opportunities in Rural America.
  • It’s important for our leaders to get their priorities straight. A good place to start is not choosing to attack institutions that Rural Americans depend on to keep America safe, like the FBI and CIA. We choose Team USA always over hostile governments, like the Russians or North Koreans.
  • We must demand an end to the current administration’s war on state and local rule. The voters and local leaders must be allowed to pass their own laws that fit the will of their people, as long as those laws do not hurt and threaten the people in other communities and areas. Where state and local laws, ordinances, and rules are clear, the current slate of federal officials must not be allowed to come in and impose their will just to satisfy their own out-of-touch, self-serving values, and profit-making schemes.
  • In order to ensure our voices in Rural America are not muzzled, we must seek the easiest path to voter registration and the simplest ways to cast a ballot. We must reject voter suppression and intimidation, and take on those who would allow outside forces and foreign governments to influence and tamper with American Democracy.

To preserve our way of life, our government must be held to a higher standard. We should not allow ourselves to be tricked into repeatedly getting intentionally diverted away from expecting elected officials keep their word on issues that matter to how we live, eat, breath and enjoy life.

The State of Rural America is Strong, but we should not be neglected or find ourselves under assault by the powers that be in Washington.

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