Roy Moore Won’t Do a Darn Thing to Fix Alabama’s Opioid Crisis

For too long the ruling party in Alabama has ignored the opioid crisis that is literally killing Rural Alabamians. Unless there is a political shake up, Alabama will likely remain atop the list of states with the worst opioid problem in the country.

Republicans like Roy Moore are the problem, refusing to see that Big Pharma, and not the misguided and over-hyped drug war blame game excuses, is going unpunished for the opioid epidemic in Alabama. “Opioids are not the only drug problem we have,” the out-of-touch Moore was quoted as saying recently in the Montgomery Advertiser.

Fortunately, at least two Alabama hospitals aren’t waiting for the state’s Republican leadership to step and do the right thing. Mobile-based Infirmary Health Hospitals Inc., and Monroe County Healthcare Authority this week joined a Mississippi-led class-action lawsuit taking aim at Big Pharma for allegedly pushing and profiteering from their highly addictive drugs.

Big Pharma hires 18 lobbyists on average every year to press the Alabama marketplace into buying and arguably over-prescribing their opioids. With high pressure lobbying like that it’s no surprise that Alabama has the most prescription opioid use in the nation.

The individual statistics for Alabama opioid use are shocking, according to recent statistics compiled by the Joint Economic Committee in Congress. For example, in 2015, 736 people died from drug overdoses in Alabama, compared to 122 people in significantly less populous Alaska. Doctors in Alabama prescribe 142.9 opioid pain relievers per 100 persons, compared to the national rate of 82.5 per 100 persons.

In addition, four of the 15 cities in the United States most plagued by the opioid epidemic are in Alabama, according to a separate private study.

The opioid crisis in Alabama and throughout Rural America will only get worse if the Republicans in Washington are allowed to pass Trumpcare, which of course we are seeing is JunkCare at best, and NoCare in the case of the most vulnerable among us. Alabama can’t afford seeing that happen. We need smart votes in Washington. Roy Moore won’t help with that.

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