GOP Plans to Gut Medicare & Social Security if Moore Wins in Alabama UPDATED

Alabama senior citizens and retirees should brace for devastating Republican cuts to their Medicare coverage and Social Security benefits if Roy Moore prevails in Tuesday’s special Senate election.

It’s a poorly disguised two-part GOP plot: first pass massive permanent tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, and then play the phony deficit hawk game, arguing Medicare and Social Security must be gutted to pay for the $1.5 trillion debt-increasing GOP revenue giveaway.

UPDATE: It’s not speculation; it’s happening. Just hours after we posted this item, GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan said on the record the plan is to pay for the corporate tax cuts by taking a knife to programs that are essential to Alabama seniors, retirees and other Rural Americans.

The declaration by Ryan likely kills any hope the Republicans next goal will be to keep a campaign promise to pass a much-needed infrastructure repair jobs creation bill. Democrats and their allies are already promising they won’t let Republicans get away with it without a fight.

The whole scheme is a one-two punch to working- and middle-class Americans, particularly those of us in Rural America. There is little doubt the increasingly unreliable Moore is ready to jump on that bandwagon if elected.

This is a precise scenario. How so? Because one thing we know for sure is the Republicans in Congress have been trying all year to wipe out Medicaid, and if they win on Medicaid they surely plan to try to double-down and go after Medicare and Social Security.

Another reason why we know the GOP will slash Medicare and Social Security is because the Republican tax cuts will never meet the promise of paying for themselves, as every credible economist and government budget analysis shows.

A Moore-backed GOP plan to shrink Medicare and Social Security would affect one-fifth of Alabama residents. Not only would the quality of life diminish for approximately 4.8 million Alabamian senior citizens, but those cuts would take 10s of millions of dollars out of the Alabama economy.

That’s a lousy deal for Alabama, but it won’t happen if Moore isn’t elected. The Republicans need Moore’s vote to decimate Medicare and Social Security.

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