Here They Go Again, Ignoring Voters and Costing us More for Healthcare

From Rural America to the suburbs, voters sent Washington a message in elections around the country this month: healthcare matters to us, so stabilize the insurance marketplace.

Shockingly, arrogant congressional leaders are about to do the opposite. Republicans are choosing to ignore the will of the voters by raising the cost of insurance premiums and taking away healthcare from at least 13 million Americans.

Astonishingly, the Republicans are not even trying to hide their reason for gutting healthcare: to give corporations permanent tax cuts. Here’s the real kick in the pants for Rural Americans: the Republican tax cut plan only provides temporary tax cuts for middle class families, while adding $1.7 trillion to the national debt.

Lets say it again, just to be clear: the corporate tax cuts are permanent; the middle class tax cuts are temporary; and the Republicans would add another $1.7 trillion to the federal deficit.

Many top corporate executives readily admit they have no plans to use the cash windfall to create new jobs or invest in their companies. Right in the face of stunned White House economic advisor Gary Cohn, leading CEO’s admitted they plan to keep the Republican’s generous permanent tax cuts or pass it on to a limited few.

This incredibly stupid stunt, backed by corporate lobbyists and fat-cat Republican donors, will increase premiums for Americans by at least 10% every year beginning in 2018 and will mean no health insurance for 4 million Americans in 2019 and 13 million more go without coverage by 2027.

The move by the GOP doesn’t make much sense politically just a week after an anti-Trump vote that shook the entire nation on Election Day. Virginia was the epicenter, where an astounding 97% of voters who supported the winning candidate for governor said opposing Trump was a factor in casting their ballots.

Trump triggered the political earthquake, but just beneath the surface and we find Trumpcare a leading cause for the tectonic shift. A whopping 77% of voters who supported the winning candidate for governor in Virginia identified healthcare as the issue that matters most to them, exit polls showed.

Healthcare registered equally high on the political scale in Rural Maine. Voters broke new ground in that state, passing the nation’s first referendum in favor of expanding Medicaid under Affordable Care Act. Voters were forced to go around obstructionist lawmakers to pass Medicaid expansion, and three of out of five Maine voters backed the historic measure.

The victory in Maine was so substantial that other Rural States, like Idaho, Utah, Kansas, are gearing up to let voters decide for themselves in the 2018 elections. A new wave is building and will very likely come crashing down on anyone who gets in its path.

Friends, affordable healthcare for all is not a Blue State or a Red State issue. Accessible quality healthcare is an American issue, but some people will just simply never learn to listen to the will of the people instead of corporate lobbyists and Republican donors.

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