Crunching the Numbers: GOP Tax Plan Doesn’t Add Up for Rural Workers UPDATED

As Republicans in Congress begin to try to steamroll through their $1.5 trillion tax cut plan for corporations and the super-rich, Rural middle and working class Americans should be prepared to take a hit in the wallet if the bill passes.

While the bottom line numbers being floated by the GOP might sound seductive, take a look at the fine print: the exemptions that working families will lose out on over time make it a tax hike for many Rural Americans. The House Republican bill:

Those and other hidden tax traps mean a third of all middle-class families would pay more in taxes next year. By 2026, nearly half of all middle-class families would pay more in taxes. Rural workers, farmers and families will be among the hardest hit in the GOP tax bill.

So what is behind the GOP deferring the tax hikes for working and middle class Americans? To make the math all add up.  When called on it, the Republican tax writers admit the short-term maneuver, but say it will be fixed eventually. Rather than trusting lawmakers will do the right thing down the road how about don’t break it in the first place and then it won’t need to be fixed.

UPDATE: It gets worse for working and middle class Americans. As the Senate prepares to unveil it’s version of the tax bill, word has leaked out that its plan “would fully repeal the state and local tax deduction,” which folks everywhere depend on for a semblance of avoiding double taxation. Apparently the Senate GOP doesn’t mind sticking it working families twice! The GOP leadership plans to vote on this debacle of a bill after Thanksgiving. Call it an early Christmas present for the super rich.

Not surprisingly, the Republican leaders and tax writers are under fire and scrambling to find excuses for their tax scheme. The odds are already stacked in favor of the super-rich. Why give them even more ways not to pay their fair share to the country that gave them all their wealth?

The GOP tax bill is so bad that even some leading conservative and GOP-leaning religious groups think it stinks. 

Rural Americans can either step up and let their lawmakers know they don’t like what they are seeing from GOP tax writers, or they should expect pay more to Uncle Sam. That’s an easy choice to make.

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