A Study in Contrasts

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

As we head into what is for many the most precious day of the year, I offer a study in contrasts — how Barack and W relate to babies.  I’ll be following up on this theme when everyone’s attention returns from the Christmas holiday.  Meanwhile, enjoy…

This is a collage of Barack Obama with babies he met while campaigning.

And then, there’s this:



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8 Responses to “A Study in Contrasts”

  1. Obama is a normal human being. Bush is a smirking, strutting sociopath.

    Babies know the difference. 

  2. Don’t you love the power of pictures. I was thinking of Obama being surrounded by all this life force of hope and positive change and Mr Bush here holding the nation as he is about leave it crying from the mess he made.

    Let’s all align with a better tomorrow with an open mind and heart.


  3. Poor dumbya! That was most probably the way he was treated as a child. No wonder, BTW, when a little abomination like him was born. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with him. Now, as a grown-up, he just doesn’t know how to handle a baby, and handles them the way he was handled by his sociopath mom and heartless dad. Sad, really.

    Obama, on the other hand, as a child must have received all the love he needed to grow up a responsible adult. He obviously likes children, and responds to them the way a responsible adult should: with love and tenderness.

    Hopefully, Obama will relate to us, the people, like he relates to the babies he holds: with love and understanding. Now he’s the father of our nation, and we’re all his children. Will he take care of us like a loving father would?

  4. This really isn’t fair. Bush was raised by Barbara Bush. One of the coldest people we know. (Next to Chenney, of course.) They didn’t even hold a funeral when George’s sister died, the poor lad was left to wonder what had happened to his sister. This is one way of explaining his inability to fully appreciate the death and destruction he has wrought on this world.
    Barrack on the other hand was raise by loving and caring poeple. He knows compassion.

  5. I love this photo collage.  But are there really NO pictures in existence of Bush holding reasonably relaxed and contented children, and not a SINGLE picture of a protesting baby in Barack’s arms?
    I’m just saying the Freepers probably have their own well-fingered collection of “ain’t thet cute!” pix of Bush with babies.  They certainly didn’t hesitate to use a picture of Bush dabbing a kiss on some little girl’s forehead (said littel girl lost her father, was healed by Bush kiss) in the 2004 campaign.
    I agree that Bush is stunted emotionally, but sometimes pictures tell their story in a bit of a slanted way.  No doubt people at LGF have their own cherished photo collage of unflattering Barack or Michelle pix.

  6. The pictures are worth a million words.

  7. Those pictures of Obama with the babies are so sweet! I agree with Marge & Henk, however. Barbara Bush is not a warm person, and she probably wasn’t much different, perhaps worse, when she was younger. It suggests that Bush wouldn’t know how to appropriately interact. I do have to wonder about people who would hand their babies over to him for him to hold, though.
    I don’t think I’d let Bar hold my child, either.

  8. This is right here, in the present, not the future.

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