Rural America, Can You Find Your Tax Cut in the GOP Plan? Nope.

Go ahead, Rural America, find your tax cut; bet you can’t unless you’re a Wall Street investor or a corporate CEO.

It’s like a shell game on a New York City street corner, but this time it’s being played in Washington — and the “sucker” in this sham is mostly Rural America. Overall, one in four Americans will actually pay more in taxes, but the mostly urban rich don’t have to worry. We do.

The Republicans are pursuing a tax and spending plan that will add an estimated $1.5 trillion to the deficit in the next 10 years, cutting payments to the states and gutting programs that many Rural Americans depend on in their everyday life. States, counties and towns will either have to raise their taxes to make up for the loss of federal funds or else face cutting services including  police, fire and schools.

It’s pretty obvious the Trump-Ryan-McConnell tax plan doesn’t have the average citizen in mind. This fly-by-night approach to a tax cut ignores how less services mean fewer jobs, a worsening infrastructure problem and more homelessness.

The first questions worth asking are, Why have all the deficit hawks that dominated the GOP for decades flown the coop? Is a tax cut for the rich and corporations the end of fiscal conservatism as we know it? Are these tax cuts really worth ceding the fiscal restraint perch to the Democrats?

The next question is, If the Republicans take away the state and local tax deductions as they are scheming to do, then how are working- and middle-class Rural Americans possibly going to see a meaningful tax cut at the federal level?

The last series of questions to consider is, What in the world were the Republicans thinking when they proposed eliminating the mortgage deduction from federal taxes? Do they really want to trigger another housing crisis by wiping out the mortgage interest deduction?

The Republican tax cut scheme is a lot like the GOP healthcare repeal efforts. They talk and talk and talk about their plan, but when the time comes to show us the meat and potatoes they have nothing but a grain of salt. The same pattern is emerging with the tax cuts. They talk a good game, but now that it’s time to tell us how they plan to do it and pay for it, it’s a mishmash of half-baked ideas on a path that will explode the deficit they for so long said they wanted to reduce.

Its a big part of why support for Trump in Rural America is on a steady decline since his election.

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