Giving Credit Where Credit is Due in Virginia

There is a lot at stake in the Virginia governor’s race on Nov. 7, beginning with maintaining the state’s robust economy built under Democratic stewardship in Richmond.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam has played a big part in Virginia’s vibrant economy and has strongly made known his commitment making sure Virginia’s economy remains vibrant and continues to gather steam.

Northam, a Virginia native and Army veteran, is part of a team led by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, and their economic agenda has seen unemployment in Virginia drop this month to a nine-year low of 3.7%. Adding to the state’s rebound, Virginia workers have seen wages increase 7.4%, and their personal income climb a whopping 11.1% during the McAuliffe-Northam administration.

In contrast, Republican lobbyist and New Jersey native Ed Gillespie was a senior-most White House adviser to ex-President George W. Bush when the worst recession since The Great Depression swept Virginia and the nation. Jobs vanished, retirement accounts were gutted, banks foreclosed on homeowners and the taxpayers had to pay the bill for a disgraceful Wall Street bailout on Gillespie’s watch in the Bush administration.

The cornerstone of the McAuliffe-Northam economic agenda has been recruiting new business to locate in Virginia and creating incentives for start-ups to flourish in the state. Some 1,012 economic development projects, worth a record-breaking $16.4 billion, surpassed economic expansion under any other administration in Virginia history. Most importantly, the Rural Economy is finally headed is the right direction in Virginia, thanks to the incentives and initiatives the Democrats have given to small towns, local growers and the unique economic challenges Rural Virginians face.

Democratic priorities have enabled Virginia to become home to some of the top public school systems, colleges and universities in the nation. Thanks to sound planning, schools are providing educational opportunity that fit with Virginia’s 21 century job market. It’s crucial for Virginia to stay on the path of economic/educational partnership.

Clear air, waterways and state recreational areas, protected and expanded under Democratic leadership in Richmond, also provide a certain quality that supports Virginia’s age-old outdoors tradition. Clean water and clean air translates into clean fisheries and clean family farms, and that means jobs and good homegrown eats.

Does anyone really think a Republican in the era of Toxic Trumpism is going to look out for the environmental needs of Virginia’s fishermen, campers, hikers, bikers and hunters? It’s a fair question.

Quality of life is not a priority of the Republican agenda. Under Gillespie, health care will cost more and provide less coverage; voter rolls would be purged and access to the ballot box would diminish for people of all races and denominations. Worse yet, The Trump drain on the local Virginia economy will grow, and we all know fisheries, farms, historic sites, public parks and forests would all fall victim to the Toxic Trumpism clear-cutter policies.

There is little doubt that this election will affect the future of Virginia. Voters is the Old Dominion have to take care that Virginia remains the great place it has become for small businesses to thrive, families to flourish and visitors to continue to spend money in the state. The answer to what that future may hold is in the numbers. And numbers don’t lie.

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