Trump Healthcare Executive Order A Slap in the Face of Rural Americans

Remember when candidate Trump ridiculed President Obama for his use of executive orders to set policy rather than laws? How about all that Trump talk of providing lower cost healthcare for every American and leaving Medicare alone?

Look, we all know politicians go back on the word, but Trump is turning out to be the king of the whopper. There is only a very short list of promises kept by Trump, who is on track to become the president with the least amount of agenda accomplishments in his first year in office.

First off, let’s not play Trump’s game and attack a president for taking actions he entitled to engage in, even though we may not like what it is his executive orders seek to accomplish. However, we can shake our heads and smirk in disbelief at the fact Trump mainly has had to use executive orders in his first year in office to pursue his agenda, even though his divided party controls both chambers of Congress. Obama signed quite a few executive orders, too, but the vast majority came after his party no longer controlled Congress and he faced GOP obstruction.

Now lets consider Trump’s most recent broken promise on affordable healthcare for all. He didn’t just lie about a providing bigger, better healthcare plan, he signed an executive order that essentially spits in the face of a big chunk of his base: Rural Americans who depend on the existing healthcare marketplace for their medical needs.

Sen.. Tim Kaine (D-Virginia), who knows quite a bit more about the needs of Rural Americans than the city boy president ever will, explained in plain language how Trump’s latest executive order will only make health insurance cost more and hurt more.

“President Trump’s health care executive order may seem a little complicated so let me break it down: It’s sabotage,” Kaine posted on Twitter.

“It aims to push healthy people onto junk plans, leaving only the sick or at-risk on ACA plans—essentially destroying the insurance market,” he wrote.

“It would allow cheap low-quality plans onto the market that could discriminate against people with preexisting conditions, seniors, women,” Kaine added.

“What’s the end product? Families could pay even higher premiums to get care. More discrimination of those who need care most. More chaos,” the senator explained.

How bad is this latest Trumpcare scheme? Some legal experts believe it is so wretched that it won’t even stand up to anticipated court challenges.

This executive order is really nothing more than a monument to Trump’s penchant for petty politics. Trump believes that every time he messes with healthcare he is scoring points in his self-indulgent feud with Obama, but the truth is every action he has taken only ends up hurting Americans, many of whom were his own voters in Rural America.

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