A Rural Voters Bill of Rights and Responsibility

A Rural Voters Bill of Rights and Responsibility

On this, Independence Day 2017, we hereby declare these rights and responsibilities for public consumption, comment and dissemination:

The Constitution

We respect and abide by the rules, liberties and protections granted in the U.S. Constitution of the United States in its entirety. We reject any attempt at cherry-picking, or omitting clauses and passages to suppress the rights and freedoms bestowed upon Americans by the Founders.

Live and Let Live

We respect our right to choose how we live and we respect the rights of others to choose how they live, all within the rule of law and under the protections granted by the Constitution of the United States. We do not seek to impose our lifestyle on others and we expect the same in return.

Local Jurisdiction

We believe in regional and local control of decisions regarding the application of these rights, within the rule of law, and afforded under the protections granted by the Constitution of the United States.


We believe in our right to privacy and the quiet enjoyment of our homes and property. We demand that right be respected, and in return we do the same for others.

Quality of Life

We believe Rural Americans are entitled to necessary services, including (among others) public safety, adequately maintained roads, bridges, waterways, airports, railroads, schools, power grids, and communications networks; affordable quality health care; and common recreational and gathering places, including (among others) parks, forests, beaches and trails.

Free Enterprise and Collective Opportunity

We respect traditional enterprise, and welcome technology and innovation that offers new opportunities, provides sustenance, and contributes to rural quality of life and the betterment of our communities. We believe in the right to employment that results in fair compensation and provides for a reasonable standard of living. We believe that “Made in America” means excellence above all else.

Farming, Ranching, Fishing and Natural Resources

We protect the land to ensure clean water, good soil and fresh air in order for our own, and our neighbor’s crops to grow, and livestock to graze. We hold in highest regard the family farmer, fisher, and rancher whose labors put food on all our tables. We expect no government, non-government or corporate entity to unduly interfere with our productivity, or that of our workers, who sow our seeds, harvest our crops, and are lawfully employed to the best of our knowledge. We believe that growing and raising food in America for Americans is of vital importance to national security.

Free and Fair Agribusiness

We believe that providing high quality, American grown crops and other food products enhances trade and profitability for America’s farmers, fishers, and ranchers. We support country-of-origin labeling. We believe it is the right of every American to know where the food we purchase for our families comes from. We believe “Produced in America” means excellence above all else.

Free and Fair Elections

We demand clean, fair and legitimate elections that allow for all who are legally entitled to vote to cast a ballot without intimidation or dishonest attempts to prevent the franchise. We demand that voter records remain private and personal, unless cast in a public fashion, such as at town meeting or other collectively agreed upon forum. We adamantly refuse to allow any foreign or domestic government, non-government or corporate entity to have access to our personal information in order to compromise or suppress our right to cast a ballot in free and fair elections.

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