CBO: Secretive Senate McConnellcare Health Insurance Bill Whacks Rural and Small Town Americans Among the Hardest of All — Sad

The Senate Trumpcare/McConnellcare bill doesn’t do anything to reassure Americans they will have access to affordable comprehensive healthcare coverage, coming close to mirroring the hazardous-to-your-health House-passed rewrite of the Trumpcare/Ryancare bill that we’ve already told you about here.  Once again, rural and small town Americans can expect sticker shock and less coverage when they get their health insurance policies under the Senate bill.

Here are the most significant new points from the independent Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Senate healthcare coverage bill released today:

  • Some 15 million Americans will lose health insurance next year under the Senate bill
  • Some 22 million Americans will lose health insurance by 2026 under the Senate bill
  • Older Americans will be hit the hardest under the Senate bill
  • Premiums come down but provide less coverage than Obamacare, forcing Americans to pay more out pocket under the Senate bill
  • Overall there are fewer tax credits for middle class American under the Senate bill
  • The Senate bill would make little noticeable difference in balancing the budget and reducing the federal debt, despite all the promises
  • The bill is a poorly disguised set up for a nearly $1 trillion tax cut for the wealthiest Americans

The takeaway? All of this is why:

Our lawmakers need to serve the needs of Americans instead of simply carrying the water for small special interests and an extreme minority of Washington lobbyists and partisan political operatives. Americans deserve a better deal.






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