Rural Americans, Older Americans and Women Fear Secret Senate Health Insurance Bill is a Replay of House Bill and Hit Them the Hardest

Rural America took a real hard kick in the seat of the pants when the GOP House leadership went behind closed doors a couple of months ago to concoct a tax cut plan for the wealthiest Americans disguised as “health insurance reform.” Under that scheme millions of Americans would lose coverage altogether, most of us would pay more every time we see a doctor or undergo treatment and older Americans would be hit with a de facto health tax levied by the insurance industry.

Now the Senate GOP is at it, working behind doors to try to sugar-coat the House bill that made America sick. Expectations are it will be watered-down, but it will still lead to the same results: Americans losing their insurance; less coverage for consumers and older Americans are going to get hit the hardest in the wallet.

There is little hope that the lobbyists who are working out the details of the secret Senate health insurance bill have the best intentions of Rural America in mind. Rural woman in particular expect to pay more and will still get less coverage to protect their health before, during and after pregnancy. That is a cruel way to behave for a party that likes to market itself as one that celebrates life.

The GOP priority shouldn’t be to repeal Obamacare just because Republicans don’t like the guy it’s named after. Reform should be undertaken to improve the product and services for the betterment of the Americans consumers. It says a lot when even Donald Trump says the GOP health insurance plan is too “mean.”

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