CBO: Lower Premiums Would be a Result of Providing Less Coverage; Latest GOP Bill Would Raise Cost of Health Care for Many Americans

The rewrite of Trumpcare/Ryancare did very little at all to cure the earlier version of GOP health care reform, killing coverage for 23 million Americans, according to the Congressional Budget Office analysis released today.

Here are the most significant points from the CBO scorecard:

  • Lower premiums would be a result of offering Americans less coverage
  • Latest GOP bill would raise overall cost of health care for many Americans
  • Premiums for low-income elderly would rise 800%
  • The bill is a very poorly disguised tax cut for the wealthiest Americans and corporations
  • Rural States would be among the hardest hit

The takeaway? All of this is why:

Our lawmakers need to serve the needs of Americans instead of simply carrying the water for special interests and an extreme minority of Washington lobbyists. Americans deserve a better deal.

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