Rural Votes is Stepping Up in Tuesday April 18 House Race in GA6

Georgia‘s Sixth Congressional District affords us one of those unique opportunities to highlight the importance of rural and suburban partnerships. Health care, quality of life and education are issues that the more than 700,000 residents in the district feel strongly about — concerns that matter to rural and suburban voters alike.

Some 18 candidates are running in the district that stretches from east Cobb County to north Fulton County to north DeKalb County. If no candidate receives 50 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s special election then a runoff will be held June 20, pitting the two top finishers.

Polls show Jon Ossoff, a strong supporter of issues facing rural America, is the front-runner in the race, but he’s yet to break the threshold needed to avoid the runoff election, according to recently published polls.

Rural Votes specialty is identifying voters whose lives center around rural issues and that’s why this special election has drawn our attention and resources.

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