One judge issues death penalty to Arkansas Voter ID Law, Arkansas Supreme Court stays the execution…

This story says it all when it comes to relying on the courts to upend voter ID laws.

RuralVotes has teamed up with South Forward to launch a new Voter ID Project. First stop, North Carolina.

From the early suffragists, to the repeal of the Poll Tax and Jim Crow laws, it took generations of struggle for women and minorities to be granted the right to vote. With the final passage of the voting rights act in 1965, America was finally a land where every vote truly counted.

Less than one generation later, in 2012, with the stroke of a pen, North Carolina Governor McCrory disenfranchised over 300,000 North Carolinians – over half who vote regularly.

Currently, this law is being challenged in the courts by several advocacy groups, as well as the United States Department of Justice. However, as witnessed by recent events in Arkansas, court cases can take too long and and elections can be left impacted. The solution isn’t simple, it starts with hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

Our mission is to reach out to affected voters in rural North Carolina counties. We will contact them, county by county, explain the new laws and make sure they have access to the identification they need to continue to be able to vote under the new laws. The most important weapon in our arsenal in defending democracy is our vigilance. Crossing our fingers is no substitute for action.

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