Guilty of Getting Himself Killed

You want proof that his race was what got Trayvon Martin killed? Try this: a jury of six white women found his 29-year-old killer not guilty of second degree murder or even manslaughter because the 17-year-old black boy, wearing a hoodie in the rain and armed with a bag of candy and a can of iced tea, put him in fear for his life.

Forget that the killer, a fully-loaded pistol stuffed in his pants, called police to report a “suspicious” person on the street, said “these assholes always get away,” and muttered “effing punks” under his breath. Note the use of the plural nouns, “assholes” and “punks.” It shows the shooter saw the boy not as an individual human being, but as the representative of a class of undesirables he didn’t want in his neighborhood. Walking while black was Trayvon Martin’s crime, and he paid for it with his life.

Okay, I’ll grant you that Trayvon, on his cell phone talking with his girlfriend, described the man who challenged his right to be in the neighborhood as a “creepy-ass cracker.” Note the use of the singular noun. Trayvon confronted one person. The killer confronted an entire class of people — black men, to be specific.

I submit to you that so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws such as the one that gave the killer permission to shoot a boy in the chest at point-blank range give an unfair, even fatal advantage to non-black men who harbor fantasies of black men as bigger, stronger, and angry to the point of threatening their lives simply by existing.

The prosecution had to prove malicious intent to get a conviction. All the defense had to do was sow a reasonable doubt in the minds of six women, people like me who have never evoked terror or size envy in a man who saw them as representatives of a class of less-than-human beings.

I certainly have a reasonable doubt that Trayvon Martin could have banged his assailant’s head on the concrete sidewalk — repeatedly, as the defense claimed — without rendering him unconscious, or dead. I have a reasonable doubt that Trayvon even put up a good fight; there was no evidence of blood on his hands, or of the killer’s skin under his fingernails.

If you doubt for a moment that Trayvon died because he was black, picture his shooter as the black man and Trayvon as a light-skinned Hispanic boy. What do you think the verdict would have been then?

Don’t tell me America is not still a racist nation.

I have one consolation to offer: Even if he loses all the weight he gained while awaiting trial, unless he undergoes a face transplant George Zimmerman is marked for life. He’ll always have the 4-a.m. horrors of remembering how it felt to pull the trigger. He doesn’t dare shoot another black man; that would reveal who he really is. But he’ll always be looking back over his shoulder, fearing vengeance.

My religion holds that there is that of God in everyone. I’m trying to believe that about George Zimmerman, but I can’t help but hope he never again experiences a good night’s sleep.

And I also hope that those who are expressing their anger in public will honor the stoic dignity of Trayvon’s parents, and not answer violence with violence. The best revenge will be to stand up tall and witness for justice, every time we see a violation of a human being’s right to walk free.

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