Rebuild the Dream

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

This video runs about 20 minutes. It’s from Netroots Nation, the bloggers’ convention that took place last weekend. Van Jones issues a challenge to us all to Rebuild the American Dream. (Jones, you may remember, was an advisor on environmental matters to the Obama administration until right wing radicals hounded him out of the White House. You may not remember Barack Obama standing up for him, because he didn’t.)

If you can see Jones’s Netroots speech on your computer, you really want to. It’s a good antidote for the despair so many of us are feeling right now. (If your Internet access is slow, start the video, put it on pause, and come back in a half hour.  You’ll see it all without a flicker.)

If you visit the Rebuild the Dream site, you’ll see a place at the right where you can find a house party not too far from you, where people will gather in July to develop the agenda that will let us take back our country from those who hate it — they hate government, they hate hearing that we’re all in this together, that we should take care of each other as we take care of ourselves.

We’re a better country than that, and we can do this if we really want to.

Let’s not let them make us a third world nation. If you’ve never been involved before, now’s your time.

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  1. Nice entry. I will come back more frequently.

  2. the planet is often a important a section of our infrastructure dont you agree?

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