What Are Your Plans for Saturday?

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

American progressives are going to make history on Saturday. They’ll be taking to the streets, rallying in all 50 state capitals and many other large cities. Led by trade and labor unions and the netroots, an enormous number of organizations are joining hands in the first step toward overturning the corporate oligarchy that is trying to destroy the labor movement and finish the job of taking all of our nation’s wealth to themselves.

We can’t let them turn us into victims of their greed. If other countries can overthrow their tyrannical oppressors, why can’t we?

Here are two places to look for the event nearest to you.

Rally to Save the American Dream

US Uncut: Make the Corporate Tax Dodgers Pay Up

When you go, be calm, be peaceful, be strong.

And be warned: Some people may join the rally who have an entirely different agenda — disrupting it and making it look like the protestors are violent thugs.  We know that Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, has thought about making this happen there.

For years I’ve worked as a peacekeeper at a variety of rallies and demonstrations. Here’s the most valuable technique I’ve learned: If someone near you is acting provocatively, get a few buddies together and form a circle around the person. Don’t touch the person, but start walking, as group, toward the edge of the crowd and away from the rally. If you have to say anything, let it be said by one person in your circle, and let it be something like “Let’s go where we can talk.”

I’ve been in groups of five or six women surrounding one belligerent man. It’s amazing what calm, peaceful, people determined to head off a disturbance can accomplish this way.

It’s our turn now.  Walk like an Egyptian.

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