The Fringe Unhinged

J. Marcus

It’s mid-October in an election year! Since the media began covering politics in the same spirit as they cover sports (I’m lookin’ at you, Rush and Keith), October has always brought out the most rabid fans of either party. This year the outcome looks pretty lopsided, and while no one should start counting chickens, it’s pretty clear who’s going stir-crazy and who’s keeping cool.

So let’s take a look at the crazy, shall we?

This bag is from WorldNutDaily. I’ve loved this site ever since they featured a piece about Bill Clinton receiving a voodoo blessing from a magic well in Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s home. A voodoo rap would be hard to stick to Obama after all the attention already paid to his faith, and calling Obama a terrorist supporter looks like it’s failing, so it looks like they’re trying to imagineer themselves to be persecuted.

“They came for Jessica, and I will not be silent.”

How original. You know what, though? I agree. Keep talking.

Another fun staple is the We’re-not-Racists-but-Laugh-At-My-Racism theme that comes from people who dream up things like this. The best part about WE-R-LAMRers is that they are just smart enough to know that they’re wrong. The guy in this video demonstrates this when he pulls the Obama sticker off his Curious George doll and then tries to dump his shame off to some poor kid.

This video has been on and off all night, so here’s the link just in case.

And finally, the conservatives at the New York Post are in the fourth stage of grief. Today they posited that Sarah Palin’s dropping favorability is partially due to Tina Fey’s portrayal of Palin on Saturday Night Live. The argument is that if Chevy Chase hadn’t fallen down that flight of stairs, Gerald Ford would be remembered as a paragon of grace and a god among men, or something. What’s hilarious about this argument is that Fey’s performance has very little deviation from Palin’s performance in her interviews. Maybe Americans are too scared to have a vanity election and nominate their next-door neighbor for Possible President, dontchyaknow?

So who ya gonna believe? The Post?

Or your lyin’ eyes?

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  1. I’m so glad I stopped in tonight.

  2. my lyin’ eyes have 20/20.  

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