In Strange Company

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

My ego is healthy enough to allow me to subscribe to Google Alert. The basic service is free; you give it a search term (or more than one) and every day it sends you links to places where that term appears on the Web. If you’re a writer who depends on copyright and other writers’ ethics to protect your work so you can earn a living from it, it’s a handy way to check for evidence of plagiarism. It’s also, I admit, a highly gratifying way of learning that other web sites have linked to my blog here.

Today that gratification was more like chagrin. GA let me know that my post on The Real Reagan Legacy showed up on Feedraider, a service that collects references to topics of your choice and sends them to you as a web page of links. It was indeed gratifying to be listed.  The chagrin comes from the fact that the title of the page is “OC Honors Reagan Legacy,” OC being Oklahoma Christian University and the legacy being nothing like the one I described.

The page lists 27 items. Mine is number 25.  OK, I told myself. It’s close enough to the bottom that few Reagan fans will get to it. Nobody, not even Reagan booster-in-chief Michael Reagan (the late President’s adopted son) can be so fanatic as to read them all.

It’s not that I’m afraid to let people know what I think (If you’ve been here more than once, you know that already.) but it’s not my style to wave red flags before bulls. Not that Reagan admirers are bulls, but some might take umbrage and write nasty comments on my post.  I’ve seen comment and email campaigns that could turn my hair white, if it wasn’t already. Life is too short to deal with stuff like that. That particular Feedraider page felt like a lonely place to be, for sure.

Then, praise be, I noticed the title of the article above mine. Its title: Only Fox News Would Celebrate MLK Day This Way. Go and read it and, while you’re at it, look around the site. It’s called Political Irony and I consider it a real find. I’ve added it to my blog feeds so I won’t miss a post.

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2 Responses to “In Strange Company”

  1. I’ve read your blog for the past two years and I enjoy the information you post here (good feeding here).  However, I’ve always thought about the wrong person getting on here to post comments and causing you not to be as open about your thoughts.  That would be a sad thing because I’m learning so much from your post about politics, community, health, agriculture, and the environment.  There’s enough idiocy on the web so I come here each week to feed on good information (yes, I even click the links and research what you talk about).

    Now, I love technology, but at the same time people want accountability on the internet and some will not let your comments go unnoticed.   I hope no one scares you away from telling it like it is…just like Sen. Bernie Sanders.

  2. Thank you, Thelma, for your encouragement. I’m floored at being compared to Bernie.

    Don’t worry about someone posting here and intimidating me. I’m a tough old bird and nothing can shut me up except a severe case of death. The only thing I have of value is my integrity, and nobody can take that away from me.

    Please come back and give me your thoughts about what you read here and what you find in the links. I’m hungry for dialog.

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