OK, I’ll Show You Mine, Anyway

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

I said if you’d show me your proposed solution to cutting the budget deficit (in the NY Times article “OK, You Fix the Budget“) I’d show you mine.  Well, dear chicken, I guess you didn’t want to take the bait.  But I’m both pleased and surprised at what I came up with, so I’m putting it here for you to look at.

I’m pleased because I came up — without hardly trying — with 50% spending cuts and 50% tax increases. I did it by following my gut and choosing the measures I thought would produce the most good with the least pain.

I’m surprised because, lefty that I am, I would have expected myself to go for far more tax increases than spending cuts.

I feel that my proposed solution is fair and balanced — not in the Fox “news” way, but really.

If you want to try before you look at what I did, click here.

If you want to skip that step, go here.

Either way, I’d like to know what you’re thinking.

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