In Case You Don’t Remember

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

The video here runs 2 minutes and 33 seconds and will give you the inspiration it takes to do what I’m doing here: to roust out people who have lost their enthusiasm for Obama and the Democratic Party, can’t bring themselves to vote Republican, and so are intending to ignore what’s going on in this country November 2.

I call them the disappointeds. My mission until the polls close Tuesday is to remind them what this election is about — a vast difference in values. A vote without enthusiasm has the same value as an enthusiastic vote, and withholding it is like giving two votes to the side whose values they don’t share.

If it’s raining on Tuesday, as it looks like it’s going to be in most of the country, the difference between enthusiasm and the lack thereof — between our values prevailing in our democratic republic and getting stamped out — may be that enthusiastic people put up their umbrellas and go vote.

If you know disappointed people who need reminding, and I’ll bet you do, send them the link to this page, and talk with them if you can. Take them to the polls if you can.

And let me remind you, and them, of a few more things.

If we let the Republicans win the House, it’s going to be tough.  If we let them win the House and the Senate, it’s going to be awful. If we let them win the governorships in too many now-Democratic states, we’re in for a lifetime of Republican rule. Karl Rove is already bleating on TV about that, as if they’d already won everything. And what will it mean?  Well, the Republicans have among them candidates who

  • want to repeal the 14th amendment so that businesses don’t have to hire and restaurants don’t have to serve people whose skin is the wrong color;
  • want to overturn Roe v Wade and prohibit women from ending their pregnancies even in cases of rape and incest;
  • want to turn Social Security over to Wall Street by requiring workers to invest in the stock market what they now pay for future social security benefits.  If you know someone who has a 401(k), you know how well that’s working.
  • want to turn Medicare into private health insurance with a $2,000 per year deductible.
  • want to disband every federal agency that protects our food, our civil rights, and our environment.
  • want to de-fund the Department of Education, leaving it to the states to figure out how to keep the schools open, and guess where the money will have to come from.

You’ve got to help people remember, as the video says, which party wants to take the country back, and which one wants to take it forward.

I’m depending on you.

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