Five Minutes With Bob Reich

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

Bob Reich was secretary of labor in Bill Clinton’s administration.  Do you remember anything about the Clinton Administration beyond the scandals? Perhaps you remember that the world was largely at peace then, and that for most Americans it was the last time we experienced something like prosperity.

For all his moral failings, Bill Clinton was good for America. And for the most part he surrounded himself with people like Bob Reich, intelligent, truly dedicated social and economic justice, and gifted with the ability to think and speak clearly.

Although this video is meant to promote Reich’s new book, Aftershock, he doesn’t talk about the book, he talks about the mess we’re in.

The video  contains important analysis — the disparity in take-home pay between 1977 and 2007 at 0:46, and a comparison of the U.S. economy before the Great Depression and the Great Recession at 1:27 — and a cautiously hopeful prediction for our country’s future that I’m going to hang on to for times when I start slipping into despair.

If your Internet connection is slow, start this video, put it on pause, and deal with e-mail for a couple of minutes so it can run without stuttering. It’s only five minutes, and it will be time well spent.

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