NE Farmers’ PAC Endorses Obama

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

The Nebraska Farmers Union Political Action Committee — MEBFARMPAC — has again endorsed Barack Obama for President. The group also endorsed him in the spring prmary election.

MEBFARMPAC President Gale Lush said the organization bases its endorsements on the candidate’s voting record and positions on “bread and butter pocketbook economic issues that impact family farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. Farm programs, renewable energy, rural development, market competition, fair trade, rural healthcare, and affordable high speed broadband internet access were key issues used as measuring sticks.” Lush continued,

In this race, the choice is clear. Based on their voting records and their campaign position papers, Sen. Obama is in strong support of farm and rural issues, and Sen. McCain is in strong opposition. Agriculture is an extremely vulnerable financial position. In this time of financial crisis, we in production agriculture need to vote for our pocket book interests, and that means voting for Sen. Obama. At the Iowa State Fair, Sen. McCain said he would veto the 2008 Farm Bill “In a New York Minute.” That Farm Bill provides the only income safety net there is for production agriculture. With the cost of production for agriculture skyrocketing in the country, the federal deficit skyrocketing in Washington, DC, and the banking industry crashing in Wall Street, we need a President who supports agriculture and renewable energy, not one who is publicly pledged to working against us.

Sen. Obama received a 100% National Farmers Union voting record while Sen. McCain received a 0%.  John Hansen, the group’s secretary, said, “The voting records show who supports family farmers and ranchers and rural communities, and who does not. It is hard to do better than 100% or worse than 0%.”

The NEBFARMPAC endorsement was unanimous.

Nebraska, with its five electoral votes, is considered solidly in McCain’s column, although the way events have been developing these past two weeks, nothing can be considered certain.  In 2004, Nebraska gave George W. Bush 66% of its popular vote.

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  2. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

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  4. This is a very big deal.  The willingness of a group like the Nebraska arm of the NFU to buck the powers that be in their state says a lot about how they feel Senator Obama’s chances are nationally as well as speaks volumes to which candidate supports farmers and the needs of rural communities.

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