Values Voters: A Day Late and a Dollar Short?

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

Mike Pence-Values Voters' favorite

The Values Voters summit took place in Washington on Sept. 18.

The big news, as the media saw it, is that some congressmember called Mike Pence, a Republican from Indiana’s 6th district, won the straw poll for both president (24% of 723 votes cast) and vice-president (16%).  Since nobody, not even a Republican who votes his values 100% of the time, can serve as his own vice-president, Pence got booted from the second slot and Sarah Palin (15% for VP, 7% for prez) got the nod for veep.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, who probably has the inside track when it comes to knowing the values of those at the conference, called the Pence-Palin combination “a dream ticket.”

Not all are presently running for a seat behind the desk in the Oval Office,  but clearly none is saying No. I’m guessing that 8-10 of them will actually put their names on early primary ballots and that, given the sweetness and light emanating from the GOP these days, they’ll spend much treasure and spill much blood before the field narrows to a few.

I’m deeply disappointed, though, that Michele Bachmann, my personal favorite to run as vice-president to Palin’s president (who can imagine her taking second place this time?) wasn’t included in the straw poll.  I already have a “Palin-Bachmann 2012. I can’t wait.” bumper sticker on my car.

I do think that if my own personal dream team hopes to win they should forsake their values and go over to the libertarian wing of the GOP — that would be the Tea Party segment — where values are getting short shrift. It seems family values (see list below) have failed to be as divisive as their voters had hoped. Money — or, more precisely, the lack of it — is always a better way to get people to gnaw on each others’ bones.

Just look at the top five values the 723 voters in Washington set as their priorities. (Hat tip to Talking Points Memo for this list and the straw poll stats that follow.)

1. Abortion
2. Government spending
3. Repeal of Obamacare
4. Protection of religious liberty
5. National Security

If these are family values, where does love of family fit in? What about caring for the less fortunate, those with disabilities, and the old and frail among us? What about educating children, providing opportunities, seeing that people don’t die because doctors cost too much?

And to which religions, specifically, does religious liberty apply?

So is it Hooray for me and forget you? Or Pull up the drawbridge, I’ve got mine?

Here are the full straw poll results from the Value Voters Summit. Which of these people would you trust to make decisions concerning the well being of those most precious to you?

Presidential Poll

1. Mike Pence (24%)
2. Mike Huckabee (22%)
3. Mitt Romney (13%)
4. Newt Gingrich (10%)
5. Sarah Palin (7%)
6. Rick Santorum (5%)
7. Jim DeMint (5%)
8. Bobby Jindal (2%)
9. Mitch Daniels (2%)
10. Chris Christie (2%)
11. John Thune (2%)
12. Bob McDonnell (1%)
13. Marco Rubio (1%)
14. Paul Ryan (1%)
15. Haley Barbour (1%)
16. Ron Paul (1%)
17. Jan Brewer (1%)

Vice-Presidential Poll

1. Mike Pence (16%)
2. Sarah Palin (15%)
3. Rick Santorum (10%)
4. Paul Ryan (7%)
5. Jim DeMint (6%)
6. Mike Huckabee (6%)
7. Marco Rubio (6%)
8. Bobby Jindal (6%)
9. Bob McDonnell (4%)
10. Chris Christie (3%)
11. Mitt Romney (3%)
12. Newt Gingrich (3%)
13. Jan Brewer (3%)
14. John Thune (2%)
15. Mitch Daniels (1%)
16. Haley Barbour (1%)
17. Ron Paul (1%)

And if you have any doubts about the subhuman, unloving mentality of these people and their values, go read William Rivers Pitt’s piece on Truthout about the summit speech by likely presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (#2 on the straw poll for president, #6 for vice president.

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  1. They continue to drive me batty with all that talk about “values” — I keep hoping someone will call a human decency summit.

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