UPDATE: Free Call to Senators to Save Climate Change Legislation

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

UPDATE is below.

If you just got here and haven’t read my post about the Senate’s murder of climate change legislation, I wish you’d do it now, and then come back here.

Repower America will pay for a  free phone call to the office of one  your Senators.

Get a pencil and piece of paper, pick up the phone, and dial 1-877-973-7693.

Listen to the talking points, jot down notes if you want to,  punch in your ZIP code when you’re asked, and you’ll be connected.

When you’re done, please go to Repower America’s reportback page and tell them you’ve made the call.

Thousands of people have signed up to call. If enough of us do, they can’t ignore us.

UPDATE:  I just made my call.  The Repower America line will ask your ZIP code first, then give you a couple of sentences to help you deliver your message. If you have your own thoughts about what to say, don’t hesitate.  The important thing is to call and say you want debate on a comprehensive climate change bill. Your reasons can be your own.

I took a different tack from the one Repower America suggested, because I’m currently writing about disease-related aspects of climate change. I’ll post it here on Thursday.

I’m in Massachusetts, so of course I was connected with Scott Brown’s (R) office. I told the staffer I talked with that if Sen Brown knew what I’ve learned about how tropical diseases are invading what used to be cold climates, he’d be as worried about his family as I am about mine.

Staffer said, rightly, that the Democrats took climate legislation off the table. I said I knew that, that I’m furious with Reid and Obama, that if Sen Brown stood up and said he wants a debate on a comprehensive climate bill it would have unusually heavy weight with the Dems, and that I think he knows that.  I finished by saying I’m looking to him for leadership on this.

I think the staffer started taking notes while I was talking about tropical diseases. I think the senator will get at least some of my message.  If not, at least I tried.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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