Another Barn for Barack

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Kris Krendl wrote in to tell us about Ohio’s Second Barn for Barack. Located in the “Greater Lima Area” in western Ohio – east of Ft. Wayne, Indiana; north of Dayton; and South of Toledo, the Barn is located on State Route 66 between Delphos to the north and Spencerville to the south about 1 mile north of the intersection of Route 66 and State Route 81.

The barn belongs to Kris’ sister, Karri Krendl, and her husband, Dan Dardio. It was built by Kris and Karri’s father in the late 30’s using wood he cut on the farm and concrete blocks that he made. Two gallons of paint and about 12 hours of work on the cherrypicker and scaffold, with Don Dix (Kris’s husband) as the safety man on the premises and handled the pick-up and set up of the equipment as well as monitoring that Kris remembered to hook and unhook the harness. Karri Krendl and Dan Dardio, the barn owners, provided lots of additional labor plus food for the celebration. Local newsies showed up just in time for the finishing touches and the party!

These folks report they all had a wonderful time doing this, and would be happy to paint another Barn for Barack any time! Enjoy the pictures.

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11 Responses to “Another Barn for Barack”

  1. This looks like it was so much fun, it makes me want to paint my garage door!

  2. Hurray for the Krendls and their friends who support Obama & Biden. 

  3.    Great paint job, to bad I could not be there to help.

  4. We love the comments!  If you want more information, e-mail us at .  We would be glad to help others who want to show their support in this way!  Thanks!
    Kris Krendl – Elida, OH

  5. Let’s start a movement.  How do we get a barn template that would work with those devices that shine light on your house for Halloween, etc?  We could have barns ‘painted’ everywhere with something like this.

  6. For Helen Sharron (this is from Kris, one of the barn painters):  we used an old fashioned overhead projector and a transparency of an Obama sign to do the lettering.  I’m sure the same could be done for the symbol, but we started with a 15 foot circle to do the top part of the symbol and then estimated the rest using flexible pvc pipe as a guide.  For more, e-mail me per my earlier post.  The significant expense is in renting a cherrypicker!

  7. This is like the See Rock City campaign in the South, only better. Your efforts to deliver Ohio are greatly appreciated!

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  11. […] sets the stage for what happened in 2008. The second Barn for Barack was a story we posted as a slide show in September, 2008. Thank you, Richard, for allowing us a glimpse into the family and the people […]

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