Can a Viking be VP?

J. Marcus

I’ll give the McCain campaign much credit, they can play us all like a fiddle. Sure, we’re all buzzing about Sarah Palin’s gender today, but tomorrow you’ll realize the implications of the decision made on golden pond.

Your next Vice-President could be a Viking.

We may never know what God-fearing township she conquered with her merry band of clansmen, but the looks on the faces of the people behind them document their terror. The drunken anarchy won’t end there, as this pick will clearly influence other countries in regards to wenches, mead, and international shipping routes.

John McCain has assured us that this will bring us closer to our ideological friends in NATO, particularly the Geats (Denmark?) and the Vandals (Germany?). Perhaps, but John needs to know that once the Normans and Franks understand the implications we’ll have another international crisis on our hands. History shows us that a Viking so close to power will force the rise of centralized authority and the development of more robust coastal defenses. We can’t enact a working Star Wars, can we now afford Shore Wars?

I applaud Mr. McCain for his derring-do in regards to a female VP candidate in the Republican Party. But a Viking, sir? And you, a Pict? For shame.

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3 Responses to “Can a Viking be VP?”

  1. It was a – for lack of a better description – ‘bone-headed choice.’  ….but, there is a plan and Democrats MUST keep their eyes on the ball.  This is not really a surprise pick.  Just take a look at the repub establishment and press go ga-ga over the selection and you will realize that the Democrats risk defeat if they ever underestimate their opponents in the race.
    So keep your eyes peeled people!  They are planning to pull wool over your eyes with this one.  Go into the archives, do your research and keep your powder dry until the time of reckoning comes.  These people will try anything to get in.

  2. Oh my God … this is very funny.  And I know just what Mama Biden would say — “That’s true.”

  3. You are hysterical.  Thank you 🙂

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