Three messages in one post

Three slightly related items here:

1. Cell phones as a campaign tool

Tonight at Mile High Stadium, the 80,000 or so people assembled to hear Barack Obama’s acceptance speech will be asked to send a text message on their cell phones to a specific number. Doing that will get their cell phone numbers into the Obama campaign database, just as those who asked to be texted on Obama’s VP choice got into the database.

Then those who texted will receive a text message back (presumably having to do with registering to vote, although I’m not sure about that) and be asked to send that message to everyone on their phone’s contact list.

What a concept: Say 20,000 of those in the stadium actually do what they’re asked. Say each of those people has 50 names in their contact list (a conservative estimate, I think. I have at least that many, and I can’t even use my cell phone when I’m home). That means 1,000,000 folks will get a message from Barack Obama tonight — in addition to those watching him on TV.

This campaign’s use of technology has been absolutely brilliant.

2. Another example of the campagn’s technological brilliance:

If you contribute to the Obama campaign online, the next request for a contribution you receive will ask for the amount you’ve already given. Compare that to the Democratic Party, which asks for a minimum of $100, and suggests you give more than that, regardless of who you are. When I get those emails, they go straight to the trash.

I’m not the only person who feels like the Obama campaign is made up of people like me, and that the party is made up of rich people.

It’s no big deal to set up the same mail merge program that puts my name in the email to put in the amount of my last contribution as well. The Dems could learn a lot from Obama’s technology folks.

3. Convention speeches archive

You can find all of the first three days’ speeches in full text at the Democratic Party’s convention site. I’m sure today’s speeches will be there tomorrow. This is especially great for those who can’t download video because of connection speeds.

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  1. Thank you for posting the text of Obama’s speech.  There were so many excellent speeches from so many unexpected speakers that by the time he got to the meat of his acceptance, I blanked out.  Now I know what he said!

  2. Appearances are deceitful 😛

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