There’s No Place Like Home

By Tracy Russo

In John McCain’s case – there are at least 7 places that are like home.

You see, John McCain can’t remember how many houses he owns, which I suppose is a totally normal dilemma for someone who is completely divorced from the reality of economics – both his own personal financial affairs and the financial affairs of the nation.

As the story unfolded today, I watched with amusement as the McCain campaign flailed around trying to find an appropriate response to put out the flames this statement has ignited. Not only are we suppose to excuse McCain’s unbelievably disconnected stance because he was once a POW, but we are also supposed to run away and hide because Senator Obama had the nerve to earn his own money by penning a best-seller. Oh, and then there was the “It’s really all in Cindy McCain’s name so it doesn’t really apply” excuse, which was quite possibly my favorite.

John McCain’s campaign would apparently prefer we acknowledge their candidate is the kept man of a sugar momma. Ok then, if that’s what you want…

Here are some of my favorite comments from around the ‘sphere today…

TPM Election Central:

On March 25, John McCain said:
“…And 51 million homeowners are doing what’s necessary: working at second jobs, skipping a vacation, and managing their budgets to make their payments on time.”

So at around the time McCain said this, the McCain family corporation was either actively in the market for, or had closed on, a second multi-million-dollar beach condo in the same building which was necessary because the first one was too crowded with their children in it.


After all, a 72-year old a man who wears $520 Italian loafers, owns a million dollar parking lot, thinks the baseline for rich is making $5,000,000 a year and whose wife is worth $100M really can’t be expected to recall such petty details on the spot.


I will not stand by and watch the Obama camp try to claim McCain owns seven homes when he owns at least ten.


Hmm. $4 million? John McCain said just the other day that’s not “rich.” So yeah, let’s have that debate.
Question one: How many damn houses do you have, Grumpy?

Answer: Umm, umm…

Sorry, you lose.


McCain couldn’t remember how many he owned. His staff claimed 4. Newsweek says 7. Politico now says 8. And five of the eight were purchased in the past four years. Including multiple condos in the same town, which is kind of weird. Now McCain is trying to invoke “ethics” to change the topic. Yeah, let’s talk ethics, Mr. Keating Five. Or is that Keating Six? I can never remember.

Mother Jones:

On Obama’s house:
“It’s a frickin’ mansion.”

On the McCains’ definitely-not-elitist housing habits:
“The reality is they have some investment properties and stuff. It’s not as if he lives in ten houses. That’s just not the case. The reality is they have four that actually could be considered houses they could use.”

On how the McCain campaign apparently sees Obama:
“In terms of who’s an elitist, I think people have made a judgment that John McCain is not an arugula-eating, pointy headed professor-type.”

They didn’t ask what the closing price was or the interest rate on his mortgages. They asked how many. That should be damn easy. It’s especially problematic given that homes are just the sort of used-to-be asset that so many Americans are losing right now.

Oliver Willis:

He’s not like us.

Show me Progress:

Obama campaign response – wondering how McSame keeps track of all those mortgages…

Oh, wait a minute. The republican nominee doesn’t appear to have to worry about any mortgages. You wouldn’t know that if you hung out with our useless and lazy old national media. Like at a cookout in Sedona, Arizona.

Buckeye State Blog:

This is pretty damning stuff. John McCain was unable to answer when he was recently asked how many houses he owned…..

It really begs the question, how can a man that can’t even remember all the houses he has deal with the national debt?


McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns

I’m not sure if this is a problem of being too rich, marrying into a family that is too rich and not feeling it is yours, or being old. But, John McCain doesn’t know how many houses he and his wife own.

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  1. Let me think about that … I own how many houses? Oh wait, that’s an easy one … one … that’s the answer! I own one house and I know exactly where it is because I sleep in it every night, except when I go on vacation … which is one week… okay five nights every year, I don’t have four million dollars, but when that PowerBall ticket finally pays off… I’m gonna buy me more houses so I can forget how many I have.  Unless I wait until my dotage and then I’ll be forgetting I have even this one house, won’t I?  Does that count?  I’ve been wanting to talk about this one all night.  Thanks for bringing it up … I feel so much better now.

  2. I’d imagine that there a bunch of people out there who GROW arugula for farmers’ markets, stores, and restaurants, and who rely on the proceeds as part of the income to sustain family farm operations. Perhaps one of them would be interested in appearing in a campaign ad that I think would play very well nationally – and not just in farm states. With all of the concern about food safety and trade imbalances, homegrown produce is becoming an ever more important contributor to healthy living and a healthier agricultural economy.

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