The Full Catastrophe

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

The Atlantic has posted Joshua Green’s article. “The Front-Runner’s Fall,” to which I referred last Sunday, along with the entire collection of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s primary campaign strategy memos and e-mails on which the piece is based.  I haven’t read it all yet, but you can be sure I will.

Some people will think this is all history and no longer relevant. I don’t agree. I think it’s a powerful counter-argument to those who say sexism cost HRC the nomination.

She couldn’t insist that her staff work together. She couldn’t make decisions that were hers to make. She lost her temper in staff meetings.  These are hardly the characteristics of a competent executive.

I don’t mean to pile on here.  But I hope this article and the accompanying memos will persuade the last bitter (I’m choosing that word carefully) holdouts that neither men in general nor Barack Obama in particular are responsible for her loss.

And I hope it will persuade the holdouts that it would be unkind, even cruel, to place her name in nomination at the Democratic National Convention. I don’t know how many humiliations one woman should have to endure in her lifetime, but I think Hillary has had more than her share.

Disclosure: I am not and never have been a Hillary supporter. My distaste started with the way she disrespected and mishandled the White House press corps, and it went on from there. But schadenfreude is not part of my nature, and I’m sorry for her.

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  1. Senator Clinton has been a good advocate over the years for many causes.  Her national campaign does seem a poor reflection on her overall decent career.  She has a lot to offer in the senate and I wish her well as she rises above the recent  past.

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