Please Spread This Virus

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson

It is entirely possible that the Bush administration will succeed in provoking the Iranian government into some action Bush can use to justify an attack on Iran in September or early October. We must not let this happen.

On Sunday I heard a man from a neighboring town talk about his recent visit to Iran. He ended his slide show with a series of photos of Iranian people and buildings. As he put up each slide he said, “This is what we bomb if we bomb Iran.” The impact of those words and images was stunning.

Today I found this video, which deserves to go viral — to be seen by millions of people, including everyone you know. Please give it five minutes, then hand it around.

If you’re in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Eastern New York, please note that on Friday (Aug. 15) there will be a peaceful action encircling the Federal Building in Springfield, Mass. From 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. some 350 people will hold hands around the building. Instructions for those near the entrance will be to let people pass through. This is not to be a blockade, there will be no civil disobedience. It’s an expression of our intention not to let what happened to Iraq be repeated in Iran. If you can come, please do.

I’ll be there as a peacekeeper, helping to keep things calm (I’m trained for that.) Peacekeepers will be wearing pink caps or armbands, so we’ll be easy to identify. We all know each other. If you’re there, please try to find me. I’m more the armband type. I’d love to meet you and shake your hand.

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