Senator Blanche Lincoln: Time to Debate Health Care


Received earlier today from Senator Lincoln:

Rather than drop an issue that is so important to Arkansas working families and small businesses, I intend to vote to open debate on a health care bill that will undergo several changes in the days and weeks ahead.

You can read my speech from the Senate floor earlier today by clicking here.

I am grateful for your opinions and comments during the last several months and look forward to your continued input.

I remain dedicated to common sense health care reform that lowers cost and increases choices for all Arkansans without putting the burden of risk on taxpayers.

Thank you.

With Arkansas Pride,

Blanche L. Lincoln

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One Response to “Senator Blanche Lincoln: Time to Debate Health Care”

  1. I watched the speeches and the vote.  I was pleasantly surprised by Sens. Baucus, Nelson, Liandreu and others bseides Sen. Lincoln. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy and seeing them mull and develop to the moment of truth — putting this historic and meaningful legislation on the floor of the US Senate with that vote was a breathtaking sight to me as an American.  

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