Acorns and Other Stuff for the Long Weekend

By Miryam Ehrlich Williamson



Last year at this time I was wondering where all the acorns went.  So was almost everybody from Maryland to Nova Scotia, and out to the Midwest.

This year, I’m almost glad to say, they’re back.  In full force.  More than full force.  We’re being carpet-bombed.  Drive down into the valley and acorns fall on your car roof and windshield, about one a minute. Steel yourself, so you don’t startle and lose control of the car.  Smile when you realize some of those acorns are going to be oaks long after you’ve moved to another plane of existence.

I’m almost glad, instead of fully glad, because walking down the driveway to get the mail is a daily thrill.  Oak and pine trees on both sides, in about equal numbers.  When I’m not sliding on the acorns (sweeping is not an option; the driveway is gravel, and 150 feet long) I’m crunching on pine cones.

Actually, I love it. I just don’t want to fall on this year’s bounty. It’s slipperier than walking on ice.

What’s in a Name?

I’ve been wondering if rich people would give the newly merged companies Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney so much of their wealth to manage if the company was now named Stanley Morgan and Barney Smith.

What Michael Moore Said

Near the end of “Capitalism: A Love Story,” which I saw last weekend, Michael Moore says, “I refuse to live in a country like this.  And I’m not leaving.”  Given what he had just shown us for nearly two hours, it was a deeply patriotic statement.

I’m going to riff on the theme, and a lecture I heard recently, entitled “Capitalism Hits the Fan” in a post here tomorrow.  Come on back.  Then don’t miss my post on Blog Action Day, Thursday, October 15.  If you can free a few hours that day to bop around the blogosphere, you won’t be sorry.  As of today, 5,206 bloggers in 126 countries, with 10,392,642 readers (and growing) will post on climate change and global warming. Start here and I’ll lead you to the rest of the blogs.

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2 Responses to “Acorns and Other Stuff for the Long Weekend”

  1. Yes, the plentiful rains of summer 2009 made for a massive mast crop of acorns and beechnuts in my woodlot which the black bears and other critters will feast on for the winter.

    I may go with Stanley Morgan because he also happens to be one of the New England Patriots all-time best wide receivers out of the University of Tennessee (Rocky Top-Go Vols!)

  2. I am always happy to read your posts.

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