Birds do it, Rs do it, even educated Ds do it … let’s do it, let’s talk to kids.

By Debra Kozikowski


1982, Longfellow Elementary School , Oakland, California. Then First Lady Nancy Reagan made a speech and coined a phrase that became a project to indoctrinate school children into saying no to drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. Well, not all rock ‘n roll, just the kind that advocated the drug and sex stuff.  Now comes President Barack Obama about to make a speech to school children asking them to work hard, stay in school and make something of themselves. 

God forbid.

From the theater of the absurd,  read this summary of an interview with David Schuster of MSNBC and a leading conservative activist and organizer written by Ken Shepherd at NewsBusters.  Has anyone asked Nancy Reagan what she thinks about all this?  

Maybe they should.

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2 Responses to “Birds do it, Rs do it, even educated Ds do it … let’s do it, let’s talk to kids.”

  1. Just Say No was touted by conservatives as exactly what young people needed. Someone in a position of power taking in interest in helping motivate children to do the right thing. I agreed then and I agree now, it is important that public people ask children to expect more of themselves than failure and to communicate with them about having goals and ambitions. The naysayers should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. I am amazed at the outcry from people concerned that their children would be indoctrinated into taking school and the impact education has on the future of our nation and our world in addition to the effect a good education has on the individual person/child. I allow for political differences with full support even when I disagree but to be against a speech to children about the importance of school? Just plain silly.

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